Akiwa Tantay
444 Osborne St.
Vista, CA 92084

Our purpose is to give the People a chance to hear and view Grandfather Semu Huaute's Wisdom and teaching a way of life. To serve our purpose we will have available very soon,  DVD's and CD's of Grand­father.
His Teachers were from an area where they practiced Ancient Native American teachings that were only taught to the one's that were born with gifts that touched on the Mysteries.  It was very important that they were taught and tested how to use these Powers.  Some of the Elders were able to know who is coming ahead of time,  and transport themselves if need be. There was a reason for these Powers (gifts), to keep the balance in Truth for the good of all. Grandfather's Father spoke many languages and could retain every­thing. He could work with Animals that were hard for others to handle. He made things grow because he knew how to communicate with all things of Nature.
Grandfather said, "It is in the Prophecies that the Non-Native People would go to the Native American's to seek guidance, so they two would know how to follow the Law's of Nature.

In the Audio there will be songs that were sung around the Drum, this was when we lived on the Land creating the Healing Center.  There was a Messenger that came in to teach songs he had learned at the different Camps. We learned these from other Tribes as well as the one's Grandfather taught in Chumash.

The Pima's  (Authums) helped build the Healing Center and shared their songs as well.  Some of the Elders and Young People came from the Pima/Maricopa Reservation in Arizona to do a Cultural sharing with Legends being told.  Traditional dancing,   singing and playing their Guard Rattles in a Majestic way, healing the People with their sound vibrations. Night time was truly Magical around the campfire. We want to do this again.
At this time a Non-Profit Foundation is being formed.  The name is Akiwa Tantay which means the Evening Star and Peace in Grandfather's Language.   It will be Inter Tribal and  Inter Racial as before.  We want to get the Land in Nature with Springs and water flowing through it.  To protect Nature is to follow the Laws of the Creator, not to take more than we can eat,  to be the Caretakers of this Paradise we will have food, shelter and Medicine. We want to build the Underground Chamber for Ceremony and the Vanqweh which is used for the People to meet. Also a Womans Sweat Lodge and Mens Sweat Lodge will be built.  The Chumash,   like Tautacho Muhuawit could come and build a Chumash Sweat House  (Apa yok).

We want to have a Round House for Crafts, such as Basket making, Beading and Carving Wood and teaching Traditions which are a way of life. The Baskets were used for different purposes and there were tools for hunting and tanning hides.  The Deer were used not only for food,  the bones and sinew were also used.
We want to build a Library. There will be Film to be viewed to Educate the People of a way of life that we all will have to live again sooner than we know. Look at what is happening to Nature now,  the Polar Ice is melting and there are droughts. Grandfather speaks of these things, and why? Because we haven't followed the Laws of Nature,  the Divine Laws of the Creator.  Grandfather speaks of the only one's today that follow the Laws of Nature are the Winged and four legged Animals.

Grandfather spoke of the Power of the Women. There are Seven Grandmothers on the Board of Directors,  Six of them are Native Americans.   We want  to  build  this  Healing  Center.   This Website will  not only give the People Grandfather's Wisdom,  teachings,  experiences and his since of humor,  but will give the People an opportunity to donate toward this Project and to keep this Website going.  The Proceeds from the DVD's benefit the Non-Profit 501(c)(3),  Akiwa Tantay Foundation.  We will be writing Proposals as well.  There are People that have the "Means" to make this Project successful.  Some may have "Land"  for Investment,  this "Land" may have all the requirments we need,  therefore,  donating it to the Akiwa Tantay Foundation will allow them to have a complete tax deduc­tion and help secure this "Dream"  of Grandfather Semu's.  He said,"the "Healing Center" will happen,  but I will not be here physically to see it",  tears came to his eyes,  but! he said,   "my body is giving away I can get more done on the other side".  So!  Grandfather will be guiding us.

The Pima's,  Chumash and other Tribes built the structures we spoke of for Grandfather Semu under his instructions when we were on the Land, he will help them to build it again.

Thank you for hearing our "Prayer". Sumasil (health and happiness).
Tantay  (Peace)
be Gentle, Eneke-Alish Huaute