I would like to share some experiences I had with Grandfather Semu at this time. Grandfather and I were on a trip, I was driving. I came upon a car that was driving very slow, there were many curves ahead. I was becoming impatient! Grandfather Semu said "there are reasons for everything, you never know what could be ahead, this may be protecting us from something". Well! Not too long after this, we came around a curve and there on the right side of the road was a man standing by his car that was on fire. Grandfather told me to pull over and to stay in the car. He walked over to the man, both of them were standing by the car, and the engine was actually on fire. Seeing this I was a nervous wreck thinking the engine would blow up at any time. Grandfather was talking calmly with the man and the man seemed to be calm as well. Grandfather must have said something funny because they both started laughing. I noticed then that the fire was calming down, and slowly went out. I cannot remember the details after, it was so long ago, but that experience I do remember.

There was a similar driving experience. While we were living at Redwind, we were taking a trip to Washington state, the Nesquallys sent for Grandfather to make Medicine for them, as they were fighting for their fishing rights at the time.
We took a Volkswagen Bus so we could carry gasoline to put in the bus as we needed it, because there was a gas shortage and higher prices. So, Grandfather and I were laying down in the back with the gas cans full of gasoline. Two of the Chumash were in front, Teksu and Two Blue Jays. Teksu was driving very slowly as we were going up the mountain road, when we got to the top then started down, a semi-truck went around us so fast the wind from it made the bus swerve. I sat up looking out the front window in shock wondering what had happened. I then saw the semi truck swerve to the side of the road and flip over. Teksu got the bus under control and pulled over. Teksu and Two Blue Jays got out to see if the driver was okay. Grandfather told me to open the side door and put his boots on him, he was going out. I was so scared by that time, I put Grandfather's boots on him and when he was ready to get out, the Chumash walked up to the door looking at Grandfather with his legs sticking out, laughing. Grandfather looked at his boots, shaking his head back and forth like an Owl would, and he smiled. I had put his boots on backwards! Teksu told us that the man in the semi truck was okay; the truck had turned over but landed up right, and no damage done to the truck, although the driver was a little shaken. Wow! That was protection, real Medicine! Carrying all that gas when that semi truck went by us at that speed and so close.