Grandfather Semu Huaute is a Chumash medicine man, born into the Owl Clan in the mountains of Santa Barbara California. His father was a respected healer of the Road Runner clan. His apprenticeship began with the Elders of the Owl Clan and continued with Medicine people and elders from the Chumash, Yaqui and Aztec Indian peoples.This journey took him almost forty years.

For the last twenty years, Grandfather Semu has traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad to offer seminars on the traditional healing, way of life, culture and history to both professional groups and the general public. In 1985 he was particularly honored to be asked to light the opening fire for the World Peace Conference in Interlaken, Switzerland. After a successful 1992 spring series of seminars and talks in Switzerland and Bavaria, Grandfather Semu has been invited to return to Europe in the Summer for more seminars, speaking engagements and ceremonies, including the traditional Chumash Wedding.

In the 1930's Grandfather Semu was a professional fighter. He served as gunners mate in the United States Navy during WWII and has acting credits in numerous film and television productions. He has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1969 and a member of the American Indian Registry for the Performing Arts since it's founding in 1983.

Seminars, Cultural Education and Ceremonies

1965 - Taught Indian Folklore in the Arlington School District. Arlington, Massachusetts.

1966 - Taught Indian Folklore in the Rush / Henrietta School District. Rochester, New York. Sponsored by Dr. Schuster to lecture psychiatrists at the University of Rochester, New York.

1972 -> 80 - Founder and Director of the Red Wind Foundation and inter-tribal and inter-racial community on 160 acres near San Luis Obispo California, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the cultural and religious heritage of the Chumash and other American Indians.

1976 -> 80,87 - American Indian Counselor at the California Men's Colony correctional facility located in San Luis Obispo, California.

1977 - Performed at the first traditional Native American (Chumash) marriage ceremony to be recognized by the Superior Court of California.

1979 -> 81 - Guest lecturer for Environmental Studies Department of the University of California, Santa Cruz; Sponsored by Eli Hollander.

1982 -> 90 - Series of seminars at the Ojai Foundation on Chumash traditions, ceremonies and way of life. Ojai, California.

1984 -> 89 - Founder and Director of Muhu Tasen Foundation, an inter-tribal and inter-racial Educational Healing Center. Semu turned it over in 1989 to other Chumash traditionalists.

Guest speaker at the World Peace Conference. Interlaken Switzerland. He offered the opening prayer and sang the Chumash welcome song.

Founder and President of the UN-AT-KAH TASEN INCORPORATED, a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of rasing funds to establish and operate an inter-tribal and inter-racial Educational Healing Center where traditional Native American Elders, Healers and Teachers will come to share their culture with the people.

1992 - Guest speaker at Earth Day '92 in San Diego.

1992 - Intensive seminar, lecture and ceremonial tour in Interlaken, Switzerland and Bavaria, Germany.

1993 - Intensive seminar, lecture and ceremonial tour in Biel, Switzerland; Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria.

1992 -> 94 - Semu traveled the road extensively doing fund raisers, performing weddings and genetic cord cutting ceremonies.


1981 - Actor; OUT (Staring Peter Coyote) Producer / Director Eli Hollinder.

1985 - Actor; WE ARE ONE for Nebraska Educational Television Network, Producer / Director Chet Kincad.

1985 - Actor; Commercial for Clan Tobacco", Sports Films. London, England.

1985 - Voice-over narration; BROKEN RAINBOW (Acadamy award winning documentary) Producers / Directors Victoria Mudd & Maria.

1986 - Actor; Commercial for "Little Ceasar's Pizza"

1989 - Actor; RENEGADE (staring Lou Diamond Phillips and Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman).

1989 - Actor; WESTERN for Coe Hahn Inc. Productions, Producer Richard Han.

1989 - Actor; ENTERNITY (staring Jon Voight) Preferred Productions, Dorothy Koster Producer.

1989 - Actor; YOUNG RIDERS, MGM / Turner Productions.